About Us

This website has a key focus on music and entirely has information that relates to music. Since it is all things music on this site, the author of the site works on updating the site with articles that touch on songs, and some aspects of the industry as well. When somebody talks about music, they are talking about it on a broader dimension.

Music is broad, and that is why people tend to focus on some key areas that allow them to amass knowledge, information, and tips on that area. This site has a unique focus on songs, and also gives insight into some aspects of the radio industry.

However, the mainstay here is songs, the art of singing and music, as well as the music phenomenon. The author, Colin, focuses and devotes much of the site to music, and also looks at some names in the music industry.

Colin is the main author of the website and also an editor from Ratedbystudents, and he is responsible for updating new content on the site, as well as getting in touch with readers who make contact.