The Music Phenomenon

The writer’s first encounter with Lorde is when he discovers her life in Auckland where she grew in a humble home. It is clear that the author has spent time with Horde since he discovers a lot about her personal life and likes. The author discovers that Lorde was the second in a family of two children but now she is doing perfectly in an international career “Lorde’s life in Auckland, where she grew up the second of four children, stands in contrast to her fast-paced international career” (Heller 589).The writer discovers her passion for dogs and travelling around the world. The relics she writes are her personal experiences and moments in life although she does not disclose everything to the fans.

  1. The use of ‘we’ in Lorde’s lyrics traces a path of transformation of identity and burgeoning ambition for the youths of the modern era. This sets the tone and theme of her profile that reveals the ambition to succeed and flourish for the young generation. The theme of transformation and ambition is clear in her work and the modern generation because of the notable changes in the dancing style, lyrics, and the kind of life, the music stars are giving (Heller 590). Lorde strives to live a life of luxury and associate with renowned musicians that she considers her heroes. Bowie and Radiohead are great musicians who have achieved a lot in their career and fame. Today’s young musicians want to flourish and live luxurious lifestyles and their songs are full of sex messages and twitchy dances “In an industry that rewards glamour, sex, and high jinks, Lorde performs shows on stage with quirky restraint”. This shows that the modern musicians have changed their style of dancing and singing to fit in the music industry.
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Heller’s profile tells about her hobby and love for dogs that the reference omits, which is quite important. Apart from living a luxurious life, Lorde has time for pets that she cares about so much. The information offered by the reference that the profile writer would choose to leave out is the manner in which she chose her stage name, Lorde. Her fascination with royals and aristocracy made her to prefer the name Lord but to make it more feminine she added an e to sound as Lorde.

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